How to stay Connected during a power outage

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Power outages can play havoc with your devices and can be frustrating when you wish to continue reading work emails or to relax and catch up on your favourite shows. Sadly there is nothing ANO can do to help you with power outages, but here are eight tips that can help you manage your Internet Connection and prevent your electronics from being damaged.

1. Knowledge is power
Stay updated on any load shedding schedules and try to make sure your mobile devices are fully charged beforehand.

2. Power down
If possible, turn off all your non-essential electronics before the power cuts out so that when it returns, power surges don’t damage your equipment. Once the power is back on, wait a few minutes before starting your devices, and turn them on one by one. The power may cut out again if something goes wrong on the grid and turning all your devices on at once could cause the circuits in your house to trip.

3. Protect your Router
During times of frequent power outages, consider investing in a surge protector to reduce physical damage to your Router.

4. Invest in a power bank (or two)
You can charge your mobile devices straight from a power bank. And always keep your power banks fully charged so they’re good to go when you need them.

5. Consider devices that have battery power
Consider devices that have battery power, such as a laptop or tablet. These can run for several hours on battery power.

6. Get a UPS
A small, inexpensive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) won’t keep your PC running throughout load shedding, but it can run crucial low power electronics for several hours, such as your Router and Fibre ONT, which means you could still get WiFi on your battery-operated devices.