How does Fibre work?

There are two groups involved in bringing Fibre connectivity into your home.

1. The Fibre infrastructure provider also called the Fibre network operator
They are responsible for the infrastructure and physical Connection. Their work includes installing the underground Fibre cables in your road and bringing a cable into your building. The infrastructure provider will determine in which suburbs it will lay the cables, and how long it will take for your Fibre to be installed. Once the Fibre cables have been laid in a neighbourhood, they are joined to a street cabinet or junction box. The street cabinets connect the neighbourhood cables to the wider Fibre cable network, that leads back to the main centre.

2. ANO, your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Your ISP connects you to the Internet and manages your Internet Connection once the physical installation is sorted.

You need to remember that the Fibre infrastructure provider cannot and does not connect you to the Internet. To connect to the Internet you also need an ISP.